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A Sanofi exhibition

By compiling personal photographs from people living with Multiple Myeloma, we tell four stories about the things we all have in common: life itself. The memories we share with those who are closest to us. Four stories about something only a few of us must endure: the fight against bone marrow cancer. What was before. And what comes after.

These are Multiple Moments to Live For.

About the Curator


To lend artistic credibility to the art exhibition, we have collaborated with the high profiled photographer, Marcel Leliënhof. Together with the participants, Marcel have curated the images from their photo albums. Read more about Marcel’s thoughts on curating the exhibition here.

image of Marcel

Sanofi and the exhibition

Our thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to making this exhibition come alive

Sanofi is committed to multiple myeloma in many ways: our biggest contribution is the ambition to change lives via robust research that could improve available treatments. While doing so, we continue to provide treatment solutions and support medical professionals, and we stay close to those diagnosed with multiple myeloma and patient advocacy groups, in order to understand the support needs of those living with the disease. By recognizing these unique needs with targeted solutions, we aim to better support all people diagnosed with this disease each year.

Before we even knew it was a photo exhibition, we therefore had one goal: to connect emotionally with people to inform them about multiple myeloma – a very serious form of bone marrow cancer. Sanofi is committed to supporting all people with multiple myeloma, but to do so, we need to understand what they are dealing with – and help others to do so as well. We realized that a scripted story couldn’t compete with reality. So, we set out to tell the very real stories of living with multiple myeloma. Our thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to making this exhibition come alive. Thank you for sharing your photos and personal stories with us.

Thank you to Kristiina, Wilfred Orlando, Eva-Maria and Monica for sharing your photographs and stories with us. By doing so, you increased our understanding but above all you shed a light on the hope that despite the severe illness, there are many wonderful moments in life to experience: Multiple Moments to Live For.

Life after a diagnosis

Facing a disease can be difficult to accept and cope with.  In such a situation you are not alone and there is always help available.  At Sanofi we have worked on Coping materials in close collaboration with leading psychologists. We hope these materials will help everyone in need to move forward and give tools to accept the life after a diagnosis. Read more here