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How to cope
After diagnosis of a serious disease

Together with Finnish psychologists Jan-Henry and Johanna Stenberg, we developed these coping guides to those whose life has somehow been affected by a serious disease.

A suspected serious disease is already enough to cause a lot of stress and a confirmed diagnosis is always upsetting in one way or another. Despite suspecting it before, it is normal for a confirmed diagnosis to trigger strong emotions or a strong, paralysing feeling.

Adaptation is a long path with many phases and requires both time and patience. Later, after some time has passed, it is possible for the disease to somewhat become a part of your everyday life and something that you just need to accept. You have to go on living with the disease.

Even if your self-image and identity change with the disease, and many things need to be left behind, it is good to remember that they will be replaced by other things. When facing difficult situations, never give up hope.

Let's look into how to emerge from the crisis caused by the illness.

About the authors

Jan-Henry Stenberg is a Doctor of Philosophy, a psychologist and a teacher-psychotherapist who has helped people change and adapt in his role as a psychologist and psychotherapist. He has been teaching clinical psychology at the University of Helsinki and co-authored several books and articles within the field of psychology.

Johanna Stenberg is a psychologist who has been working with patients with neurological problems and with clients in rehabilitation who are restructuring their lives. She has gained an insight into the aspect of major life-changing events by observing how people adapt and restructure their lives following an acute illness and accidents.

How will I cope moving forward?

For patients

This guide is intended to help to cope with the crisis caused by a serious disease.

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How will I cope moving forward?

For close ones

This guide provides information and tips on how a loved one can strive to influence their own well-being when their life has been affected by a serious disease.

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